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LX Custom

Alto - Tenor - Baritone

PROUDLY HANDMADE in marsden, west yorkshire

An Introduction

Introducing the all new Hanson LX Custom Saxophone, proudly handmade in Marsden, West Yorkshire. The Custom LX not only looks the part thanks to its Silver bell and neck, but it plays like an absolute dream – think 1950’s Selmer Mark VI but with all the perks of modern day engineering.  

Available As


Price Range

Starting at £3,500



Our top of the range range Saxophone that will easily compete with the other big names Saxes thanks to its precise and accurate intonation and superior tone. If you’re tempted by a top end Yanagisawa or Yamaha you should seriously consider this first, as you’ll find yourself saving some serious cash. You can also purchase with the knowledge that you’re buying a Saxophone proudly made here in the UK.

Take a listen to what Nigel McGill of McGill Music Sax School has to say about the Custom LX. 


Price list

Alto – from £3,500. Tenor – from £4,200 Baritone – from £7,100



the custom builder uses photos of tenor tenor sax models.  soprano, alto and baritone models also available



Classic Design, Modern Engineering

The recipe for our Hanson LX is to strip a 1954 Selmer Mark VI, strip it down to every single component part, invest in world leading analytical technology to inspect every component, and then build our own version using 21s century engineering and techniques. The result is a legend reborn.


Breathtaking Aesthetics

The beauty of a hand-made Saxophone is that it affords the time in manufacturing to pay attention to the look the instrument. The contrast of bright Sheffield 925 Silver Plating on the neck and bell with the vintage looking Hand Rubbed Rubbed Raw Brass body creates a stunning looking Saxophone that pictures just can’t do justice.


Incredible Attention to detail

Being in the business for so long means we have learnt what Saxophone players desire in their Saxophones. Using this 30+ years of experience and top of the field engineers allows us to make an all round exceptional Saxophone with everything a player could need and want.


Fully Annealed Body, Bell and Neck

The fully annealed body, bell and neck allows for a more resonant sound with greater projection. 


Premium Italian Pads

Our premium Italian pads are set to perfection using traditional shellac, ensuring there is a crisp ‘pop’ right down the sax and the lower notes are allowed to sing out.


self-adjusting spring-loaded screws and bearings

We’ve now made the self-adjusting spring-loaded screws and bearings from our LX model as standard on all our Saxophones. You’ll feel this difference in the rapid key action and you’ll love the reduced maintenance.


Stronger by Design

Our Saxophones are designed using new and cutting edge techniques and technologies that you will struggle to find in any other workshop in the world. All this makes our Saxophones some of the strongest and well made instruments on the market.


Genuine Mother of Pearl Touch Pieces

Genuine Mother of Pearl touch pieces feel amazing under the fingers and add that extra touch of enjoyment to the playing experience.


Beautiful Hand Engraving

We like to be sure that anyone playing our Saxophone will be happy to show it off, that’s why we go the extra mile with beautiful hand engraving on every Hanson Saxophone.


Adjustable thumb hook

All our Saxophones feature a fully adjustable thumb hook, which ensures optimum hand position and ultimate comfort while playing.


The Famous Hanson Warranty

As standard with all our Hanson Saxophones, you will get 5 years warranty and 5 years free annual servicing – for FREE!


Money Back Guarantee on upgrades

Buying a Saxophone can feel like a big investment, especially if you think you may want to upgrade in a few years time. That’s why we offer a money back guarantee on part exchanges of Hanson Saxophones whenever you upgrade to another model of Hanson Saxophone. This keeps your investment safe as you will not be losing any money when it comes time to upgrade.



body material: Yellow Japanese Brass

bell material: Yellow Japanese Brass

neck material: Yellow Japanese Brass

Pads: High Quality italian pads 

Weight: Alto – 2,410g / Tenor – 3,195g

Touchpieces: Genuine Mother of Pearl

mouthpiece: Hanson 4C

Case: High Quality Shaped Case (Baritone includes a hiscox case)

other accessories: ligature, cap, reeds and neck strap

High F# Key: no high F# as standard, but can be fitted



First comes the body tube and the bell



Then we pull the toneholes



Next, we attach the posts to the body of the Saxophone and join the bell and body tube together



Then we begin to add the keywork to the Saxophone



With a few final touches, set-ups and and some finishing – we have a Saxophone!





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